Going through the eye of the needle
Guided meditation

For those that want to clear the weight off their heart, to release all stress and anxiety.
To reach the point of no thought where the mind completely comes to effortless silence
To reach a point of stillness where all attachments just roll off your shoulders
A state of no time in which everything is transcending to the absolute.
A guided journey to reaching bliss beyond anything you’ve experienced before that can keep intensifying and getting better each time you do it. A place of being where you get lighter and lighter reaching higher and higher into enlightenment

This will help you let go of all negative emotions and attachment.

Letting go of all finite limitation embracing the infinite in your heart and becoming that infinite self
This guided meditation can be listened to anywhere but be careful not to do while operating heavy machinery
Best done in a magickal hot temp bath with lots of cold drinking water to balance out the hot temperature to go into complete relaxation and letting go of all that’s not you.
Also good laying down if you can stay awake if not mediation sitting while on pillow knees lower then the hips so legs down fall asleep
Whatever way you can relax while listening for maximum effect , enjoy.

I look forward to the greater infinite self you become as you pass through the eye of the needle.

Good luck my friend!