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Sean has literally changed my life and taught me more than all of my 23 years of education in institutions

I found Sean through divine intervention and now do sessions with him regularly. He has changed my life in so many ways and beyond the power, work, clearings, heart openings, etc… he teaches me and gives me the tools to do the work on my own because after all, we are in charge of ourselves and if we don’t continue the work on our own, the clearings won’t matter after a while. He puts so much love and compassion into every session. There’s so many people that are claiming to be healers, but they have not done the healing work they need to do on themselves to heal you. He continues to grow more and more powerful, educate himself and learn, so he can help other people. I’ve seen healers and had many teachers in energy work over the years and I can say that Sean is by far the most powerful one I’ve ever worked with. I strongly recommend him. It’s been about 6 months now of regular sessions and the more I learn the more my reality changes on the outside which opens even more doors to living your best life. Thank you 🙏🏽 for helping me and my best friend, guru and soulmate Lola my dog, he’s healed her pain and helped extend her life. There are no words to express the love and gratitude for his work,

Avery Thornton


After several dark nights of the soul, I found Sean Bond. A beautiful genuine soul who helped me discover my true self, find my strength, deal with entanglements, and unlock and hone abilities. Sean’s insight, abilities and support have helped me on my journey in such profound ways, I remain forever in gratitude.

Anne Ishikawa

Insightful Perspectives

I’ve had two sessions with Sean so far. From these sessions, I’ve learned interesting tidbits on some of the connections I have in DNA lineage. I recall describing some of the inner visions and dreams I was getting, and Sean artfully tuned into what I was describing, and relayed detail on these experiences from his own unique perspective. I recommend booking a session with Sean to start piecing together the multidimensional puzzle piece in which we all are!

Aaron Marlowe

Sean is a powerful and

Sean is a powerful and intuitive healer. He was right on the mark of what was going on with my situation and what needed to be done in order to live in safety. I am forever grateful for the healing and guidance Sean has given me. Nobody else was able to explain in such detail of what was happening the past 40 years until I met Sean.

I highly recommend you do not wait any longer. It will change your life.

Thank you Sean!


JoAnn Corso

Greg Okulove

I had a session yesterday with Sean and it was a deep exploration into who I am at a macro level and its a level most healers cant get to. His expertise he readily shares is so loaded with information that you could miss the healing if you’re not paying attention. My healing is unfolding now but I am becoming aware of long trapped and unavailable abilities which Sean helped free. Sean is very generous with time and information and a 2 hour session contained enough for a 2 week session! I really felt honored by sharing time with Sean.

Greg Okulove