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Healing timeline incursions lead to Heart expansion

Thank you Sean for an amazing, insightful & healing session that expanded my heart! Sean read I had numerous timeline incursions leading to health issues of which he cleared in session, then wow I immediately felt like a cloud lifted! Fear gone, my body felt lighter, my heart was expanded and my finger tips were buzzing as the energy in my hands was growing in strength. My magic is returning!

Sean is the only healer I’ve been to that I can feel his expanded heart/love power and it comes through in his healing! This coupled with Sean’s ability to offer tools and skills to learn is empowering; I spent less time being miffed over what happened and taking his advice choose empowerment & expansion!

Thank you Sean for being so courageous in your journey so that you can help others, I’m so happy you’re on Earth with us right now! Much love,
Stephanie Glowa

Ps: session was June 2022 (meditation pyramid, planets & a star )

Stephanie Glowa

Velvet Hammer

Sean is so gentle & kind but big in terms of abilities and works all the layers w such observant clarity it’s a fun ride and knew it was big mastery happening. A reality bubble expansion I don’t know if there are many people we have access to that do this kind of work…doing reality program protocols helped me grasp about 10% of his work if I was being kind about my own comprehension but it’s wild and am so glad I connected.

Patricia Heaslip

Rare Soul Wisdom

Exceptional healer with rare insights and invaluable wisdom, the depth of concepts and ideas is truly transformative. Grateful to Sean for being a brave soul and offering a unique healing experience. Highly recommended for those seeking profound spiritual guidance.

Jay Stockstill

Emotional Wellness Wizard

Sean is truly a gifted healer who brings a delightful balance of sincerity and humor into his sessions. He is a curious, active listener who is incredibly easy to converse with about challenging topics. I am an empath, aquatic bodyworker and a MILAB supersoldier who has struggled with emotional overload, amnesia, targeting and psychic attacks. I felt invisible, as if I were screaming at the top of my lungs but no one could hear me under the water.

Awakening is a messy process. It makes all the difference in the world to be heard and seen; truly seen and celebrated for who you are, with your unique gifts and abilities. Sean has done much more than just see me. He has helped me remember my own power, a journey which shall continue to unfold. Emotional transmutation is a potent and practical tool that I now use on a daily basis. Additionally, he helped elevate my light language channeling abilities, and sent a remote healing to my sprained ankle with an immediate physiological response including drastic pain reduction.

One of the clearest indicators of an awakened healer is their ability to trigger the innate healing capacity of another. There has been a ripple effect following my interactions with Sean that transcend the time spent directly in session. I cannot recommend him highly enough and feel relieved to know his beautiful soul exists on Earth at this crucial time.

Alyssa Zender

Sean has literally changed my life and taught me more than all of my 23 years of education in institutions

I found Sean through divine intervention and now do sessions with him regularly. He has changed my life in so many ways and beyond the power, work, clearings, heart openings, etc… he teaches me and gives me the tools to do the work on my own because after all, we are in charge of ourselves and if we don’t continue the work on our own, the clearings won’t matter after a while. He puts so much love and compassion into every session. There’s so many people that are claiming to be healers, but they have not done the healing work they need to do on themselves to heal you. He continues to grow more and more powerful, educate himself and learn, so he can help other people. I’ve seen healers and had many teachers in energy work over the years and I can say that Sean is by far the most powerful one I’ve ever worked with. I strongly recommend him. It’s been about 6 months now of regular sessions and the more I learn the more my reality changes on the outside which opens even more doors to living your best life. Thank you 🙏🏽 for helping me and my best friend, guru and soulmate Lola my dog, he’s healed her pain and helped extend her life. There are no words to express the love and gratitude for his work,

Avery Thornton