David Manderson Marrow

Hello. I AM Dave Manderson marrow, I have been on my travels gone through so much. Many Experiences of dark into light. From death to resurrection. From project to path and from blindness to vision. As well as all who seek answers to life’s complex multi layered world facing unjustified deception. I’ve learned to hand to others what was instilled in me. A voice and inspiration a sound a colored eyesight. I’m formerly a montauk assassin who broke out mentally to become me. A angel a promoted angelic being of hope and freedom created by Christ. Used as a weapon, bullet proof. Bullet speeding through this world as a sleeper. Music allowed me recall and expression though amnesia still haunts my days. Sean and many others were infringed by my evil adoptive family and my quest began young to stop these tyrants harming more of my real family. sean being one and kj being one other. Im a former subject of the Canadian Scottish transfer of slaves a broken once family now reunited. I will say pain is also a tool if transmuted into love and strength. So I AM David but now reunited with new Reunited Voices and Jesus my master and teacher at my side thanks for being you and reading my story. Contact Me @ davidJohnmatt321@gmail.com