Do it!  You’re here for a reason.  Schedule a session.  Without writing a novel, Sean Bond is the real deal.  I’m not the kind of guy who trusts every “spiritual guide” coming down the street peddling their “sensitivity”–and YOU shouldn’t either.  We are ALL born with abilities that NEED to be awakened at this time.  I was already exploring this through meditation and higher self on my own and was bumping into some roadblocks when I was guided to Sean’s YT vids and bells went off.  I booked an hour and he gave me more than I could have expected.  Confirmations, healing, and he gave me the ability to explore further unhindered.  Don’t let his apparent age fool you, that’s your ego casting doubt, his wisdom is timeless and invaluable.  I will be seeking his guidance regularly and hope to have my entire family acquainted with this beautiful healer before long.  I hope you seek him out, too.  As I said, you’re here for a REASON.

– Sean Tigert

Message From Our Client

Over the past few months, I’ve been putting in some huge huge work towards supporting both my higher light and dark selves to heal and come into unity.

The union of these powerful aspects of myself has been the most monumental stage of my soul’s expansion.

The journey is such epic, revealing depths of ourselves that liberate our existence to such phenomenal heights, and such a greater capacity to thrive during any and all conditions! It is a journey where gifts and wisdom come into our awareness, bringing a level of mastery that the ancient ones smile upon.

Every breath and every step made after this monumental merging of our higher light and dark selves sends amplified ripples of pure power… We become able to stand in our authenticity within any and every moment when choosing to radiate from the unity of our hearts.

Attempting to put this all into words is a near-impossible task… it has completely changed my life in such incredible ways!

Hugest shoutout to my dear friend Sean Bond @seanbondtherealone for sharing the wisdom and healing you have with me during our sessions together! You handed me the keys to unlock levels of mastery that I’ll be forever grateful for 💖🙏

If you’re looking to explore your psionic abilities and dive deeper into your healing journey on a mega-scale level, definitely reach out to Sean of Psionic League… Your mind will be utterly blown by what you can achieve during sessions with him 💥💥

-Lily Hayes

Sean Bond responded to my cry for help last night showing me that someone DOES actually care, after the extreme devastation of events, and gifted me a beautiful guided meditation. 💖

-Ann Christine Fountain

Helping Clients through Suicidal Thoughts Emotions and Programs

Hello everyone,

I’m sharing this to speak my story of my highs, lows, triumphs and defeats. Of me stepping into my power, my life purpose, doing the inner work, detaching from narcissistic, toxic, low vibe, demon infested psychopaths, entities and Beings that run rampant in our corrupt world and personal lives. As to not make this too lengthy I will speak of the most recent events that have taken place in my life since my late thirties. From this age I have experienced the most visible expansive growth and hardest trials, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and psychic wise. I hope that this is able to encourage some to never give up no matter what. Some of you no doubt have different belief systems wherever you are on your journey, so please take what resonates for you and discard the rest.

It would all start unexpectedly with the random encounter with a False Twin flame, a high tier level soul connection sent to accelerate you screaming towards your true life’s purpose through sheer heartbreaking pain. At first you think this person is your true love, the one you’re meant to be with for the rest of your life but a false twin flame only mimics the energy of your True twin flame. Designed to test how much you have grown, ready for what you truly want and how much you’re paying attention to red flags. I failed though, I was not prepared for that test and so this person blinded me completely to what they really were, a toxic narcissist only after my money so they could continue to have a good time. It would only last a few months but in that time their negative energy would affect me so badly that it would take me almost 4 years to recover fully. The first 6 months after they ghosted me it would feel like I was just on autopilot from the trauma and as the months proceeded my Guides would reveal their true nature. They were a cocaine addict, alcoholic, sex addict, very needy dependent person who had given up their free will, their sovereignty to their toxic family, friends and ex husband. Of course they would never tell me any of this or the fact they had a kid. It was revealed through my intuition that once I healed from this connection, a better higher vibrational connection that is healthy, balanced and full of love would come in. The foolish me through unknowingness prolonged the healing process by not understanding that time doesn’t truly heal all wounds but to truly heal one must meditate and do the inner work to sever the toxic cord connections, asking your guides for help in the process. I encourage anyone to try this method and it could apply also to family, friends, etc. I had to learn to forgive them and forgive myself to continue the healing process. I wrote them a letter telling them to never return and that they crossed a line of disrespect they could never come back from. I felt an energetic reaction to them reading it, a complete mental and emotional meltdown that I know sent them spiraling into their selfdestructive habits to cope with the line in the sand I’ve drawn and being fully rejected by me because they actually believed they could come back whenever they pleased or I would chase them. I would eventually learn of their karma, to be stuck in one toxic relationship after another because they’re too cowardly to face their own demons, to take responsibility for their actions of using people and being incapable of taking back their power. Although it wasn’t all bad, through that connection I would experience dormant psychic abilities awakening, low level telepathy between us, energetic long-distance sex, the “bubble of love” phase, and then the dreaded “mirroring/chaser/runner” phase. Of course, I learned to never chase and to let them go, that you shouldn’t constantly look for the next distraction to numb the pain or fill the loneliness. Being alone gives you time to heal, learn self-love, and self-acceptance, and grow stronger so that you never need anyone to feel complete. The next test would come unexpectedly again as I found from my experience that the Universe likes to meet things towards you when you least expect it.

Two years later at the beginning of 2020, before the massive covid lockdown a new soulmate would be introduced to me through an acquaintance. For those 2 years prior I would be doing a lot of spiritual growth and healing. I was physically healthy but I had an average dead end job, not great but paid the bills. I wasn’t living my true path, still trying to learn what it was, I just couldn’t figure it out no matter what I did. I also thought time would heal my wounds from the last connection I had but yet I still knew I wasn’t fully healed but I couldn’t figure out what more to do there to improve. I would become stagnant and develop resentment for my Guides, Source, Spirit, Divine, God, whatever you subscribe to in your belief system, putting me through what they did with no rewards manifesting as promised yet and my life just didn’t get better. Then of course right at that lowest moment they’d send a new soulmate and I thought, “oh finally you guys are doing your jobs and giving me what I deserve.” Little did I know that this one was just another test disguised to see if I was truly ready for the next level of blessings. So like I said I was introduced to this person through an acquaintance and honestly I immediately felt red flags, danger going off, that I told my acquaintance and that person, nevermind I’m good, I’m not looking for anyone right now. I was proud of myself, my hard work and the lessons from last time stuck. I heeded my intuition and I believed I had dodged a bullet. It really wasn’t that hard, this particular soul connection wasn’t that strong, nowhere near the powerful connection the other one was, kinda low tier if you ask me. In a day or so afterwards I felt a weird pull to meet this person but why, something isn’t right here? So let me give you a little background on this “acquaintance” and this “new soulmate”, just so you understand better about what’s about to happen to me. As I was growing and trying to learn my purpose I would get into learning about a lot of different things, like crystals or magic for example. I met this acquaintance because they owned a magic shop and I was just exploring this aspect on my journey. This new soulmate just moved into town and was selling some of her products at the shop because they did magic for a living for customers and she came from a family of witches. With that said I had no resistance or psychic defense against magic attacks at the time because it never happened before. Getting to the point without vast details, this person was trying to manipulate me through magic, to like her more than I felt comfortable with and to attempt to charm me into basically giving her money. The magic played into my loneliness so I would spend time with her but the lessons of my past kept my intuition still working, I had healthy boundaries and so I never let my guard down around this person, always insisting on an equal energy exchange which triggered her greatly. Within half a month she was getting so frustrated that she couldn’t control me and her magic wasn’t strong enough to break me, there was constant fighting because I fought back against the black magic. Not only that, being attacked magic-wise was making me grow stronger and more resistant with each passing day so by the end of one month I stopped communicating with her and cut her off completely. Just like the prior connection I would attempt to show this person love, light, balance, and equal energy exchange which when given to someone who is low vibration, toxic, demon-infested, living in darknesses for so long, ego-driven types of people think that it’s a trick because they don’t know what real love is without conditions or manipulating someone. They just can’t wrap their head around someone caring enough about them, seeing them healed, and being the best version of themselves without thinking that person has some sort of hidden agenda behind their actions. This person was so insecure that they needed to put magic in every aspect of their life to feel in control, when all they were doing was building their life on a broken foundation of lies and self-deception. This person was so triggered by the fact they didn’t get what they wanted out of me, so jealous of how blessed, protected and talented I was that for a year afterwards they would do their blackest magic against me. From trying to make me lose my job, putting depression on me to commit suidice, trying to dumb down my psychic abilities and block my chakras, steal my blessings, anything and everything they could to destroy me because of the light I shone into their sad little life. None of it would be allowed to touch me though, it was revealed to me that I was protected and I had passed the test. The more they came against me the more I’d prosper, I lost my job that I didn’t care for anyway during the shutdown but then shortly after I’d find one of the best jobs I’d ever have with double the pay, something l liked doing and enjoyed going to work. If depression came in, a psychic friend from several states away would check up on me to cheer me up or greater signs and synchronicities would come in from my guides to encourage me to be positive. As things got better for me, it was revealed to me that this person and anyone who helped them to harm me in any way shape or form was getting their karma. Their desperation to destroy me would destroy them, their health, company, and they would have the gifts they abused taken away from them. Remember that people can cast shade all they want towards you but if they’re not Divinely guided or allowed to do so it’ll be their ruin and bring even more blessing into your life as long as you don’t seek revenge and let karma do its job. I came out even more powerful through that experience with even more blessings, lessons then I could have imagined just like the last one and I’m grateful looking back that it was allowed to happen.

Right now I’m in a better place in my life than I have ever been, I have learned how powerful of a being of light and love I am. That I’m a powerful healer and part of why I’m here is to tell my story so it can help others be encouraged to never give up so they can elevate their own vibration. So they can touch other people’s lives to help them and so on and so on till we raise the collective vibration and heal this world and its people. Being a healer comes in so many forms, just by healing yourself you’re healing ancestral trauma, breaking generational curses and destroying karmic cycles. By building self respect with healthy boundaries, asking those that come into your life to respect those boundaries and if not they can’t leave for the sake of your own mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being. Your healing process, spiritual growth, daily mystical experiences, your personal sacred time and space, your natural organic evolution is all your sacred journey, it’s not anyone else’s to interfere with, be a part of, to control or ruin in any way shape or form. I hope this has inspired and encouraged someone to never give up.

I have had 2 sessions with Sean and plan to continue working with him on a regular basis, as he is beyond doubt, the most powerful healer I have met. I’m a healer myself and have worked and studied with some of the best. Sean blows most of them away. Every time I’ve work with him my issues have been resolved almost immediately. He has helped me with resolving chronic anxiety that came about after a psychic attack and health problems, blocks to finding love, health issues and more that I won’t mention here. I have recommended him to friends who are equally as impressed with their experiences working with him. I consider Sean to be a gift to this planet.

– Gina


I had the pleasure of meeting Sean in person. Sean is a genius in his abilities and how he can articulate and explain to others how to help them. As an intuitive and healer myself Sean and KJ have helped me to further my abilities and gain a greater understanding of my multi dimensional self. They both helped me with my 13 year son who has been targeted. I am extremely grateful for all they do … I highly recommend anyone to have a session with them… it will definitely change your life!

– Roslyn, Codetic

Sean is an amazing, gifted healer. Smart, and pretty real. The season was pretty interesting with him, however it was something to remember. The healing was actually pretty quick and much appreciation for ASKING for consent to do certain things, that’s very respectful and aware. Healers like this are really rare. thanks man. I highly recommend Sean for those that truly need and will immensely benefit from his assistance.

– Fred

Sean’s a very knowledgeable and good healer, I definitely can vouch for. Not just for having great tools to help you heal various issues.
But also among other things, having the ability to access and articulate accurate information about you (In my experience: even things I had not told anyone before about myself before). I can highly recommend you reaching out!

– Ran

I STRONGLY recommend having a session with Sean to EVERYONE interested in experiencing what lies beyond the world we got to know from our parents, school and social environment! I’ve used the session with Sean to open my eyes and understanding. I would like to personally thank Sean for this outstanding experience. The next session is already booked and I can’t wait to have it.

– Daniel

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You’ve always been able to eliminate my pain from a distance. I find that truly amazing!

-Wyle Greer

Don’t mind my silly pseudonym (one of several I use on social media), but I have done a healing/consultation with Sean over skype. He is humble about his abilities. If you need healing or spiritual guidance, book him TODAY (I went through psionic league and tracked him down on FB right before my appt and we got up and running on Skype (RECORD it, btw, he will give you a TON of information and be ready to digest it)). I’m going to be booking him again soon and a session for my wife as well. If I had more money, I’d just throw it at him. Just watching his videos cheers my spirit and pacifies my heart. (Wish I had found him 10 years ago before I had to get MY teeth all ripped out. Still hoping I can regrow them. *shrug*) I’ll be trying to send more people your way, Sean (As we agreed, Sean’s have to stick together! ;)). You are truly a gift to humanity.

-Hugh Janus

Sean is an incredibly gifted remote healer, he’s humble and genuine. He has good spiritual hygiene, is disciplined and keeps a high vibration. His skill level is priceless, book a session today – you won’t regret it. Sean is absolutely amazing!


Sean’s insights and practical advice were/are very helpful. He added to my understanding and took extra time to make sure I heard what I needed to. The energy work was very well received as well. Nothing short of amazing. I’m very grateful.


Made some Self Love Goals today and one of them was to get my Energy back. So I sat still and found the word Etheric Parasite. Never heard of it but of course Universe delivers it when you are ready. So I pulled this page up. Will read more on it and I would love to learn how to remove them.

-Zachary Haskell

As a highly targeted individual, I have found my reading with Sean to be one of the most interesting and valuable readings I have ever experienced. It is so reassuring to finally discover a healer of this calibre, as many I have worked with have not had the perception and tools to deal with the level of interference. I have been dealing with… I have been working on self-healing for many years and been seeking the type of tools that Sean has advised, which have greatly helped strengthen my protection and ability to function on a daily basis already. It’s astounding the level of information and the intricacy of detail he is able to access and the power of the healing he delivers.. Sean is very astute and relays the information in a totally neutral way. He is a true inspiration in the next level of healing, and his integrity and presence here gives me real hope for the future of the human race! I’m already looking forward to my next session with him. With great appreciation.


I recently had a reading session with Sean and I can say that I truly appreciate the genuine effort he puts towards your benefit. Personally I feel more attuned with my goals, knowing that so much creative energy is abound me. My mind is clear and I feel a calm ease as I stand firm in my own truth. Our session involved Sean telling me what I am capable of,and letting me know that I can find the answers right here. After our session I had plenty of homework to do and I got lots of fascinating insight that just expanded my what I knew as my galactic self. Sean gave me a more connected view on myself and on how I ‘m affected from the parts of me that are unseen. It’s a new way to take ownership of yourself as well as tapping into those hidden powers. I’d recommend Sean to anyone looking to expand their own understanding of the interconnected self and what it is that could be lying underneath the surface. Sean gives you his best and that is something that is clear to see.

-Ryan K Johnson

It was an honor and pleasure to speak with Sean. He is extremely talented, I really glad that I get an opportunity from Universe to talk with him. His healing abilities are amazing. Immediately after a session, I felt that vast of blockages just goes away. I feel now more powerful than ever before. His words and knowledge went deep in to my core essence, new realizations appeared in my thinking patterns and I have a totally new level of experience during my meditations. I have more energy to go with normal daily basic exercises. He upgraded my connection with my multidimensional self. I admire you to book a session with him, don’t even hesitate. It is a great way to put your money on. The best thing you can do it’s investing in your own healing. He will help you with that and put you on high-speed track in your awakening process. All for your greatest good so you can grow and recall who you truly are.

-Grzegorz Gunia

I woke up very humbled with a great sense of peace in my Beingness…. so much was lifted during my session with Sean and my pain level subsided, along with the fear. When you are faced with your own multi-dimensional aspects, the mundane seems like a drop in the bucket. Our own healing process and having the tools to manage these aspects is what is truly needed at this time to unlock the potentials laying so dormant within us all. Sean and KJ are truly gifted and one of a kind. Thank you both for being a stepping stone on my path of integrating this very ancient Soul…..

-Natalie Jean, Codetic

It is an absolute pleasure to comment on my session with Sean. Sean is not only extremely generous with his time but I couldn’t help but feel his patience and caring throughout. Starting with a clearing and fortressing up (love that), which must be truly intense on his end, to the variety of skills he has acquired to navigate this maze of energetic landscape unseen to most of us. I do suggest you have a back up record in case as my ipad skype recorder failed and I never thought to record the audio on my phone. For some reason I have not received Sean’s recording of my session so just trusting that reason is important somehow. In the meantime I have gone back to the journey training I was going to start before I found Sean and with my new ‘back story’ it was extremely successful! I tried to write out my session days later from what I remember… I got down a paragraph! My memory of it is fading fast so I am grabbing memory triggers from other videos to insert into what I do recollect. Sean is a beautiful and valuable gift to humanity and I look forward to more sessions with him. He has made me feel like I’m on time and not lagging behind as I feared. He is Awesome!

-Alannah Ryane

After several healings/Readings with Sean, I am totally amazed each time at the depth of his knowledge and abilities. Healing each problem I have had, he has worked to great depths, such as past lifetimes, timelines, dimensions, and places I know not, to find the origin of the problem and heal it, and using multiple skill sets, too vast for me to remember. When I have been sick, suddenly toxins, congestion pains, and heaviness have been lifted, cleared, causing quick healing. My memory has greatly improved, knowledge of spiritual animals has been given, and healing tools given. And this is just putting it simply, he does so much that I have quickly lost track, just know that I feel so much better! Sean is very gracious with the cost of his work. Such a kind, gentle, patient and powerful healer! I am so appreciative of all he has done for me and mine, and for all he has taught me! I highly recommend his amazing, multi-level, Genius work!!!

-A. Braithwaite

Great reading, looking forward to another one! I have been watching his popularity grow.

-Steven Tuminello

I had a session last night with Sean and it was an incredible experience. There’s so much I didn’t know that I do now. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to more sessions with Sean.


My reading/healing with Sean was really good. Sean shared some awesome information with me that really resonated and made me feel very good, things tha i needed to hear, things that i had always felt so really confirmiing too. I felt very comfortable talking to Sean, he was really patient with me also. Sean was able to take a lot of my physical pain away and lift my spirits at a time when i was struggling a lot, the session gave me a fresh start and push to get my spiritual momentum going again, I also gained some cool new skills and techniques that i am still using.
Thank you so much Sean i also appreciate you being affordable to my budget,
Look forward to talking again,

-Arhoha Cameron

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