I am very picky about whom I will reach out to for Healing, as not everyone is who they represent themselves to be. That said, it was clear to me from the moment I first saw Sean ( on Wolfspirit Radio ) that he was genuine and has humanity’s best interest at heart. Sean is also wise beyond measure. Fortunately, I was able to tape our session, so that I can go back over the work he did with me, as much of it was over my head ( to say the least ). However, he has been very patient with me and still responds when I reach out to him with questions. I feel that the work he has done with me is still unfolding and will continue to so as time goes on since he has offered me many tools to strengthen/access my own gifts. The other thing I VERY much appreciate about Sean, is that he always asks for permission before tapping into your energy, which speaks to his integrity, and integrity is EVERYTHING. I hope to have another session with him again in the near future.