Sean is truly a gifted healer who brings a delightful balance of sincerity and humor into his sessions. He is a curious, active listener who is incredibly easy to converse with about challenging topics. I am an empath, aquatic bodyworker and a MILAB supersoldier who has struggled with emotional overload, amnesia, targeting and psychic attacks. I felt invisible, as if I were screaming at the top of my lungs but no one could hear me under the water.

Awakening is a messy process. It makes all the difference in the world to be heard and seen; truly seen and celebrated for who you are, with your unique gifts and abilities. Sean has done much more than just see me. He has helped me remember my own power, a journey which shall continue to unfold. Emotional transmutation is a potent and practical tool that I now use on a daily basis. Additionally, he helped elevate my light language channeling abilities, and sent a remote healing to my sprained ankle with an immediate physiological response including drastic pain reduction.

One of the clearest indicators of an awakened healer is their ability to trigger the innate healing capacity of another. There has been a ripple effect following my interactions with Sean that transcend the time spent directly in session. I cannot recommend him highly enough and feel relieved to know his beautiful soul exists on Earth at this crucial time.