Thank you Sean for an amazing, insightful & healing session that expanded my heart! Sean read I had numerous timeline incursions leading to health issues of which he cleared in session, then wow I immediately felt like a cloud lifted! Fear gone, my body felt lighter, my heart was expanded and my finger tips were buzzing as the energy in my hands was growing in strength. My magic is returning!

Sean is the only healer I’ve been to that I can feel his expanded heart/love power and it comes through in his healing! This coupled with Sean’s ability to offer tools and skills to learn is empowering; I spent less time being miffed over what happened and taking his advice choose empowerment & expansion!

Thank you Sean for being so courageous in your journey so that you can help others, I’m so happy you’re on Earth with us right now! Much love,
Stephanie Glowa

Ps: session was June 2022 (meditation pyramid, planets & a star )