Etheric Implants are Psionic creation of a Etheric Nature (or other energy type or bandwidth, not just etheric but mental , astral, light ect) created by a psionic user, consciousness or device. Made as a etheric construct that has an energy charge, programming form and structure in etheric space for a specific intention.

They come in many shapes and sizes of creation, they can range from low levels of creation to advanced such as camouflaged, booby trapped, dead-man switch types and advanced long term chess move camouflage. They can even have some type of programmed intelligence, awareness or A.I. intelligence in there processing. Most of the ones that have these items can be classified as etheric Satellites.

The most common of intentions of the implants will be, Monitoring, Energy siphoning, mental Body monitoring, used for Multidimensional self’s for hijacking purposes used for influencing the timeline and events used for opening alternate personalities, influenced behaviors and emotional habit patterns. This limits and blocks the individual from growing spiritually and “Leveling up” faster and more efficiently. It is the cutting off of awareness, acting as a back door to the individual, causing dramatic chess moves, used as a terminal to project pain into the individual in various ways and causing trapped emotions used for projecting negative fine print spiritual contracts for experience to change the timeline for the individual and those around them.

We have learned the skill set in psychic surgery to remove these and disarm any booby traps, curses and monitoring. Resolving the drama entanglement to help clear up the individual and better help and aid their multidimensional self to learn skill sets for future preventative care and maintenance so they will not get implanted as easily again on their timeline. We even teach the skill set to others if they do not underestimate, take care and do not abuse the skill set.